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Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzballoon

Ausfuehrung 2

Amazing and exceptionally rare Loetz Ausfuehrung 2 - vase produced c1907 around 11 inches tall -alas when they drilled the holes in the top -it resulted in an internal crack -about 2 inches long and only comes to the surface at the ends. Price £980

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzI255

Unknown Phaenomen

Unusual and undocumented Loetz Phaenomen vase c 5 inches tall - marked with the Loetz enamelling code I 255 (also undocumented) c1898 Price £980

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzcandiapapstick

Candia Papillon

Classic Loetz candia papillon vase shaped like a candle stick c1898 c 4 inches tall . Price £295

Loetz -the Classic Years. ASILoetzfoam.jpg

Schaum (Foam) glass

Classic Loetz Schaum (Foam) glass vase, with remains of original retailers label c1935 price £250

Loetz -the Classic Years. ikoraorange

Schaum (Foam) glass

Unusual Loetz Schaum (Foam) glass vase c1935 c 8 inches tall price £395

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzstickvase

Candia Gewaltz Mit Silber

A very rare perfect 'Candia Gewaltz Mit Silber'. This is in the Loetz series II design book ref II-7471 for 1910 and made for Max Emanuel, around 5 inches high. Price £695.

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzmetalin


Very unusual small Loetz 'Metallin' vase/bowl, c1905 c 4 inches across. Price £295

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzblueunder

Cobalt Papillon

Large Cobalt Papillon star plate c1920 (smooth cobalt on the other side -a finish known as 'norma') c 9 inches across price £395

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