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Moser. moserpad


Superb rare Moser intaglio cut marquetry vase clear with hot applied flower in amber and greens and a green bud which are then carved - this rare technique is also referred to as 'Pad Cameo'. (Click on image to see bud to side). One of the rarest and most sophisticated techniques used by Moser or any other glass maker for that matter. c1905 signed -c9 inches tall. Price £1,800.

Moser. mosermonst

Intaglio Cut

Impressive monster Moser green to clear intaglio cut vase, c1900 depicting lilies on one side, tulips on the other, c12 inches wide, Price £980.

Moser. moserintagliotall

Intaglio Cut

Amazing monumental Moser purple to clear intaglio cut vase, c1900 depicting lily like flowers, 14 inches tall, Price £980.

Moser. moseroropurp


Dramatic and elegant Moser oroplastic decorated medium sized vase or glass, in purple, with polychrome stained oroplatique c1928, signed, around 7 inches tall, Price £480.

Moser. moserglass

Iridised Finish

Fine pair of tiny monogrammed lobed Moser liquor glasses (one only shown), c1895, with slight iridised finish (like a petrol sheen on the surface), around 3 inches tall, price £60 pair.

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