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Josephine & Fritz Heckert

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. josephinered2

Josephine -Intaglio cut-to-clear

Pretty Josephinehutte red cut to clear intaglio vase, c1900, around 7 inches tall, price £295.

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. jov1

Josephine -Vineta- Kristall -Erwin Pfohl

Amazingly rare large Josephine -Vineta- Kristall Vase/bowl by Erwin Pfohl c1930 form 4257, c9 inches across, click on image for another view Price £495

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. Josephineprsec

Josephine -Secessionist

A very stylish pair of enamel and gilded Josephine secessionist Vases c 9 inches tall c1900. Price £625pr

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. josephinehuttepurple


Cute and rare Josephinehutte purple bowl enamelled and gilded with snowdrops, c1900, around 5 inches across. Click on picture to rotate bowl. These seem to have only been sold to the US market and rarely appear in the UK, price £360.

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. josephinefiligriepair


Rair pair of Josephine green and white lace filigree glasses, c7 inches tall, original design c1890 Franz Pohl jnr. These examples are probably c1912-25. Price £240 the pair.

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. heckertcam

Fritz Heckert -Cameo

Wonderful Fritz Heckert signed brown on yellow/orange cameo vase depicting a windmill, the shore, and full rigged ships -click on image for a different view c1900 -probably a Otto Thamm design. c 6inches tall. Price £695

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. heckerttut

Fritz Heckert - Scissor cut

Dramatic scissor cut 'king tut' pattern large vase by Otto Thamm c1900. c 11 inches tall. Price £980

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. heckertjbox1

Fritz Heckert - Jodhpur box

Rare example of a Jodhpur polychrome enamel small box and lid by Fritz Heckert one of the first examples of European glass being made for the Islamic market c3 1/2 inches tall c1883. Price £360

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. heckertmr1

Fritz Heckert - Max Rade

Rare Fritz Heckert handled Vase -enamelled with a yellow, blue and red band and stylised pomegranates -signed FH for Fritz Heckert and MR for Max Rade the designer -their most important designer c5 inches tall c1890 Price £625

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. fhchange

Fritz Heckert -Otto Thamm

Cute c 4 inch tall, gold-green iridised Silberband (it's now known its original name was Changeant) Vase c1900. Designed by Otto Thamm for Fritz Heckert, Price £295

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. heckertgreen

Fritz Heckert -Otto Thamm

Great green and white iridised Fritz Heckert vase by Otto Thamm, in a finish, called 'Mormopal' which is rarely seen. c1900, c5 inches tall. Price £395

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. heckertonwhite

Fritz Heckert - Max Rade

Manificent Max Rade creation from Fritz Heckert, fully signed, produced c1900. Great shape with handles and three ball feet, decorated with daisies and ducks. Glass and enamelling are perfect, but there is the usual gold loss on the background behind the flowers and ducks -see picture. c 6 inches tall Price £595.

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. kralikbigband

Fritz Heckert -Changeant -Otto Thamm

Impressive large, 9 inches across, green iridised Silberband (it's now known its original name was Changeant) Vase c1900. Designed by Otto Thamm for Fritz Heckert, Price £565

Josephine & Fritz Heckert. egyptianrevive

Fritz Heckert -Otto Thamm

Wonderful pair of Egyptian style brass/yellow metal on blue to clear glass vases depicting sphinx like creatures, only one shown here, amazingly this style too was designed by Otto Thamm, c 1900. Price £295pr

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