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This page has part of a rare collection of early Loetz (much more to come) - glass made by them before they specialised in the fine iridised glass we all know and love -our article of this early period of Loetz will be in the March 2017 issue of Antique Collecting Magazine, but for a much better reference see here Dr. Kai Hasselbach -At the end of the page there are also some fine Loetz miniatures.

Early Loetz . Loetzalpengruen

Alpengruen Dek 1/170

A wonderful Loetz Alpengruen vase - blue shading to green decorated with branches and birds with amber and red beads dek 1/170 1893 c 6 inches across - 3 small red beads missing alas but still amazing-enamellers codes to base . Price £1,250

Early Loetz . loetzpelemele

Pêle Mêle

Ultra rare Loetz Pêle Mêle pattern vase with metal base and bull-rush holders -the bull-rushes unscrew - c1893. c 7 inches tall Price £795

Early Loetz . loetzelephant


Giant clear Loetz elephant c7 1/2 inches tall by 12 inches wide c1893 -part of the rare figural range. Price £1,500

Early Loetz . Loetzearlyblueopalpr

Opal Blue

Stunning pair of Early Loetz blue opal pieced top vases with floral enamel and gilding c 9 inches tall c 1890 Price £625 pair

Early Loetz . loetzpink

Opal Pink

Stunning 2 handled vibrant pink early Loetz vase PN 500, c1893, gilded with one of the classic French Rococo patterns. Price £625

Early Loetz . loetzgreenmalachit


Super early Loetz Malachit bowl vase gilded with one of the classic French Rococo patterns c 9 inches across Price £495

Early Loetz . loetzearly


Very early and imposing Loetz enamelled carneol vase brown and red on a pink base with blue stripes and classic islamic enamel down the collar c1885 Price £1,100

Early Loetz . loetzarcadia


Amazing enamelled Loetz Arcadia vase (a combination of opal and green) c1900 decorated with anemone like flowers, very rare. Price £675


Early Loetz . loetzcisileminiature

Diana Cisele

Tiny 2 3/4 inches tall Diana Cisele Loetz miniature -possibly not from the range made for Liberties, c1900, Price £198

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