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26 September 17  Loetz -the Classic Years  
 Loetz -the Classic Years
Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzsophan

Crete Phaenomen 1/473 Varient -silver overlay

A rare Loetz crete Pheanomen 1/473 Variant vase (although termed a variant it is well documented in Loetz.com) c 1901, 5 1/4 inches tall, the silver overlay is beautifully marked for Alvin. Price £2,200

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzphansig

Candia Phaenomen 7506

Super candia (goldy-green) Loetz Pheanomen 7506 vase in one of its most iconic shapes c 1898 7 1/2 inches tall, very nicely signed 'Loetz Austria'. Price £1,800

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzmediciyel

Metalic Yellow Phaenomen 2/484 (Medici)

Dramatic Loetz Phaenomen vase in the Medici pattern (2/484) in rare 'Metallic Yellow' with crimped top , c 1902 c7 inches tall. Price £1,800

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzcretecisile

Crete Ciselé

Stunning Loetz Crete Ciselé vase c 8 inches tall and a great shape c 1899. Price £295

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzsilberstrifencandia


Only recently discovered décor a rare Loetz Candia Silberstreifen vase c 7 inches across, c1915. ON HOLD.

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzphanorange

Orange Phaenomen 6893

Stunning pulled and shaped Loetz Phaenomen vase in the classic 6893 pattern but in the very rare orange finish, c 1900 c9 inches tall. Price £2,200

Loetz -the Classic Years. Loetzrubin

Rubin Phaenomen 6893

Very rare Loetz Phaenomen 6893 vase c1900 c 5 inches tall on Rubin nicely signed, £1,500

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzbak

Candia Phaenomen 85/3780

Beautiful Loetz Candia Phaenomen 85/3780 vase made exclusively for Bakalowits c1900. c 8 inches across. Price £980

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzbronzerusticana

Bronze Rusticana

Stunning 12 inch tall Loetz Bronze Rusticana vase in the classic propeller-blase shape, c1899 Price £980

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzpurpletadpoles

Bronze with purple tadpoles

Amazing Loetz 'bronze' vase with applied purple tadpoles c10 inches tall- c 1900. Price £980

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzplate

Crete Papillon

Dramatic Loetz Crete papillon vase c1900, 11 inches tall with stunning silver plate overlays and handles. Price £1,800

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzshell

Ausfuehrung 132

An amazing Loetz 'Ausfuehrung 132' aka Zephir chine shell -in normal speak that's a white crackled seashell with added green and red. It is in the Loetz series II design book ref 6220 for 1908 and made for Max Emanuel, around 5 inches high, click on image to see underside. Price £2,400.

Loetz -the Classic Years. ASILoetzfoam.jpg

Schaum (Foam) glass

Classic Loetz Schaum (Foam) glass vase, with remains of original retailers label c1935 price £250

Loetz -the Classic Years. ikoraorange

Schaum (Foam) glass

Unusual Loetz Schaum (Foam) glass vase c1935 c 8 inches tall price £300

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzstickvase

Candia Gewaltz Mit Silber

A very rare perfect 'Candia Gewaltz Mit Silber'. This is in the Loetz series II design book ref II-7471 for 1910 and made for Max Emanuel, around 5 inches high. Price £695.

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzmetalin


Very unusual small Loetz 'Metallin' vase/bowl, c1905 c 4 inches across. Price £295

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzformosa

Crete Formosa

Classic Loetz Crete Formosa squat vase, c 1902 -unusual shape about 4 inches tall. Price £625

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzblueunder

Cobalt Papillon

Large Cobalt Papillon star plate c1920 (smooth cobalt on the other side -a finish known as 'norma') price £395

Loetz -the Classic Years. loetzchine

Diana Cisele

Unusual Loetz Diana Cisele 4 handled vase c1900, nearly 6 inches tall, Price £250.

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