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16 July 18  Kralik - 2  
 Kralik - 2
Kralik - 2. kralikpink


Super Kralik pink draped vase c 9 inches tall c 1900. Price £198

Kralik - 2. rindskopfgourd

Red Swirl

This is one of the patterns quite recently identified as Kralik named 'red swirl', very pretty gourd shaped vase with a striking pattern. It has a cold cut top and no pontil mark. Price £240

Kralik - 2. kralikbacilluspot


Cute c4 inches across Kralik desk tidy in blue Bacillus, with metal top rim c1900. £198

Kralik - 2. kralikred

Mottled Red

Fine Kralik, almost handkerchief vase, in a red near papillon pattern, 5 inches tall, c1900. Price £198.

Kralik - 2. kraliksprinkler

Water Sprinkler

Fine c 5 inches tall Kralik Water sprinkler vase. Purple straps on clear, c1900. Price £198

Kralik - 2. kralikrosebowl

Rose Bowl

Unusual Kralik rose bowl with metal insert, c1900. Price £198

Kralik - 2. kralikredbandedpot

Lidded Desk Tidy

Rare red banded desk tidy, with brass and copper lid decorated with mistletoe, c1905 Price £395

Kralik - 2. kralikblueandpurple


Beautiful blue and purple on white strapped Kralik vase, c1900, minor nick to strapping where the top is cut, Price £180.

Kralik - 2. kralikhelioslarge


A monumental Kralik Helios vase just over 10 inches tall, c1900. Price £495

Kralik - 2. kralikwhitehandles

Pierced Handles

Dramatic pale green shading to white Kralik Vase (10 inches tall) with pierced handles showing original tool marks, see this wonderful site for further examples Alfredo c1905, price £240.

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