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15 September 14  Kralik - 1  
 Kralik - 1
Kralik - 1 #01


Spectacular around 8 inches tall Kralik Bambus vase multi-coloured on pink with the classic 'cane' made green leaves c1928. Price £395

Kralik - 1 #02

Ball Vases

A very seasonal large pair of Kralik ball vases, just under 8 inches high and wide. Stunning colours. c1925 Price £950 pair

Kralik - 1 #03


Super pair of opaque white and blue Kralik freehand made candlesticks c1900, c6 inches tall. Price £295pr.

Kralik - 1 #04

Wrap around Handles

Unusual c1920 Kralik vase with wrap around handles about 5 inches tall Price £360.

Kralik - 1 #05

Octopus bowl

Wonderful, but strange, c10 inch across c1930 Kralik 'Octopus' bowl in browns, blues and reds, with oyster like finis inside (click on image to see other side. Price £198

Kralik - 1 #06

Bambus with Marquetry Flower

Stunning and very rare pale pinky-purple Kralik 'bambus' vase with marquetry flowers in yellow/orange. About 7 inches tall c1930 small losses where there is an original open bubble to one of the 'bambus' leaves - best piece of Kralik we've seen in years - possible ever, Price £1,250

Kralik - 1 #07

D'Auris Cameo

Rare Kralik cameo vase nearly 7 inches across, signed in cameo D'Auris (a well documented Kralik brand name). As far as we can tell the 'D'Auris' cameo range was never marketed or sold in the UK and was probably solely aimed at the French market c1918. Price £625.

Kralik - 1 #08


Wonderful Kralik -Gloria pattern vase c 6 inches tall, oyster-shell and green c1898. Price £295

Kralik - 1 #09


Cute c4 inches across Kralik desk tidy in blue Bacillus, with metal top rim c1900. £198

Kralik - 1 #10

Frit with bands

Classic, Kralik white ball vase with amber frit and a looped green bands around 6 1/2 inches tall, c1900. Price £295.

Kralik - 1 #11

Siver bands

Stunning green silver banded Kralik vase with 'thumb prints' c 7 inches tall c1900 £360.

Kralik - 1 #12

Purple straps

Classic Kralik vase with purple strapping c1900, c 5 inches tall, price £220

Kralik - 1 #13

Silver top

Unusually early silver top Kralik vase, around 6 inches tall, silver hallmarked 1899 for H Williamson, price £220.

Kralik - 1 #14


Fine large Kralik amber 'bacillus' pattern bowl in purple on amber, around 10 inches across c1900 price £395

Kralik - 1 #15


Classic Kralik 'Martele' vase on tripod feet, around 5 inches high c1900. Price £98

Kralik - 1 #16

Red Swirl

This is one of the patterns quite recently identified as Kralik named 'red swirl', very pretty gourd shaped vase with a striking pattern. It has a cold cut top and no pontil mark. Price £240

Kralik - 1 #17


Beautiful green iridised 'sack' vase in Glatt Silbiriris with yellow enamelling, around 5 inches tall, Paussau Museum books feature a similar jug, c1900. Price £450.

Kralik - 1 #18


Pretty, medium small, classic Kralik shaped vase with green strapping on pale mauve, c1900. Price £125.

Kralik - 1 #19

Mica Inclusions

Cute small sized iridised kralik vase in classic shape with mica inclusion c1905. Price £165.

Kralik - 1 #20


An unusual Kralik mould blow vase, in blues and black, around 5 inches tall, c1900 Price £275

Kralik - 1 #21

Red Mottled

Fine Kralik, almost handkerchief vase, in a red near papillon pattern, 5 inches tall, c1900. Price £198.

Kralik - 1 #22

Water Sprinkler

Fine c 5 inches tall Kralik Water sprinkler vase. Purple straps on clear, c1900. Price £198

Kralik - 1 #23

Diana - ciselé -style

Unusual pair of Kralik iridised vases, light green with dark green flecks. These are Kralik's green version of the rare Loetz blue Diana ciselé. Produced c1910. Price £240 the pair.

Kralik - 1 #24


Unusual Kralik rose bowl with metal insert, c1900. Price £198

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