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27 October 16  Baccarat & Andre Delatte  
 Baccarat & Andre Delatte
Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratbouroise


Stunning pair of red on pale green gilded cameo 'water lily' vases c 1900 signed 'Bourgeois Depose' as they were made for Emile Bourgeois manager of the 'Grand Depot' possibly Frances poshest retailer c9 inches tall. £2,950pr

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratsmokingman


Unusual double skirted Baccarat vase in chinoiserie style with extensive gilding and metallic enamels including a fine cartouche depicting a smoking monk contemplating a fort on a hill (very Kurosawa), c 1890 c 7 inches tall. Price £980

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratpair2


Wonderful pair of Baccarat tall green vases c13 inches tall, gilded and redlined with blooming Fuchsia c 1890. Price £1,500pr

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratblue


Rare and early Baccarat blue and gilded on white moulded vase depicting flowers and leaves 10 inches tall, c 1878. Price £725

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratenot

Baccarat & Edmund Enot

Exceptional stylised cut Baccarat vase in a Edmund Enot bronze frame (decorated with branches, pheasants and elephant head handles), c7 inches tall, signed Enot on the metal base and signed E. Enot with his address on the glass. c1886 Price £1,250

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratbrom


Stunning large Baccarat red on green and gilded Cameo vase 9 inches tall depicting a bromeliad this is a part of a series designed in1907 made for the 1909 East France exhibition. Price £1,650.

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratstork


Stunning Aesthetic period 'rock crystal' style Baccarat intaglio cut vase c 1889 depicting an oriental view with a stork. Click on image for a view in different light (these are very beautiful but hard to photograph). Price £1,800

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratchin1


Cute Aesthetic period Baccarat vase c 1889 depicting enamelled and gilded oriental imagery on a classic shaped blank. c4 inches tall, price £625

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratpicks


Amazing rare example of early cameo glass advertising two tiny Baccarat Tooth Picks, about 2.5 inches tall - advertising 'Napoleon Champagne Brandy' in pink on clear Price £198 each

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratsespair


Stunning pair of Baccarat aesthetic period metal footed vases c1885 gilded and enamelled depicting bird and branches, Price £565 the pair.

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. delattecameo1

Andre Delatte

Stunning small purple on pale blue Andre Delatte cameo vase, signed, produced c1908, price £625.

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. delatteclear

Andre Delatte

Art deco Andre Delatte acid cut back and enamelled box c1920, signed. Price £395.

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. delattedish

Andre Delatte

Another impressive art deco Andre Delatte acid cut back and enamelled tray c1920, signed, Matches box above. Price £240

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. delattedts

Andre Delatte

Stunning art deco Andre Delatte blue and enamelled part dressing table set comprising of large scent bottle and stopper, tumbler and powder bowl. Produced c1920, all pieces signed, Price £675 the set.

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