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10 December 18  Legras & Schneider  
 Legras & Schneider

Legras & Schneider. legraslib

Legras Narcissus & Dragonflies

Great pair of blue enamelled Legras vases, decorated with Narcissus and dragonflies, c 8 inches tall c1898 -The design is in the Legras book. Price £495pr

Legras & Schneider. legraspinkpr

Legras Mosset Vases

Super pair of red to clear enamelled Legras vases decorated with flowers, 12 inches tall, this twisted shape was called Mosset by Legras, c 1898. Price £1,100pr

Legras & Schneider. legrasacbpr

Legras Syracuse Violets

Stunning pair of green Legras Acid Cut-back, gilded and enamel vases, in the shape called Syracuse, c 8 inches tall c1898 signed 'Mount Joye' Price £1,500pr

Legras & Schneider. legrasmartele

Legras Martele

Fine acid cut back, gilded, enamelled and martele Legras vase decorated with leaves c 8 inches tall, c1899. Price £980

Legras & Schneider. legrasdelph2

Legras Delft

Classic pair of Legras blue enamel on white Delft vases depicting a Dutch landscape with windmill c 10 inches tall, c1900. Price £980pr

Legras & Schneider. legrasdelph1

Legras Delft

Fine Legras blue enamel on white Delft centrepiece vase depicting a Dutch seascape with ships c 8 inches across , c1900. Price £395

Legras & Schneider. legrasgreen

Legras - Acid Cut Back

Small c 3 inches tall green acid cut back rose bowl with gilded floral decoration signed c1899. Price £275

Legras & Schneider. legrasmarigold

Legras Marigold

Fine Legras, acid cut back, gilded and enamel, Marigold vase, c5 inches tall, signed, c1898. Price £595

Legras & Schneider. legrasplanter

Legras Planter

Stunning four footed enamelled and variegated Legras planter, around 10 inches across, they first displayed this range at the 1900 Paris exhibition, minor polishing to one foot. Price £895.

Legras & Schneider. legrasgreen

Legras - Green and gilded

Cute Legras vase in green and gilded with foliage c1899, c 5 inches tall, Price £360

Legras & Schneider. legrasbutterfly

Legras - Cameo Butterfly

Stunning Legras cameo vase/rose bowl c4 inches tall in reds depicting butterflies and stylised flowers, c1910. Price £395

Legras & Schneider. legraswhite

Legras - White

Stunning Legras vase enamelled with stylised flowers on an unusual near opaque white ground, c6 inches tall, c1910, Price £360

Legras & Schneider. legrasempire

Legras Empire

Early Legras vase c1890, red on white with classic empire gilded decoration, 5-6 inches tall. Price £480

Legras & Schneider. legrassteve2

Legras Enamel

Unusual Legras enamel open bowl c1900, click on image for close up, around 9 inches across, signed. Price £300

Legras & Schneider. legrascameo2

Legras Cameo

Nice medium sized Legras acid cutback/cameo vase, in art deco style, c1920 signed in cameo around 6 inches tall, it comes with a letter of provenance stating it was from the personal collection of an important Emile Galle employee (signed by his descendant). Price £665

Legras & Schneider. legrasgoupytall

Legras - Goupy Pattern

Stunning medium large acid etched cameo vase, by Legras with bright polychrome enamelling displaying bluebells in the style Legras called 'Goupy' c1920. Signed in cameo, around 8 inches tall, Price £595.

Legras & Schneider. legrascamenam

Legras - Violets

Rare an unusual tall gilded cameo and enamelled 'violets' Legras vase, in gold, green, purple and orange, signed in cameo, around 6 inches tall, one long and one short open bubble typical of this kind of finish. (see Michel p208-209 item 194-187 for different shape versions) c1900, price £580.

Legras & Schneider. legrasplustwo

Legras - Decanter and four glasses

Stunning green and clear 'Snow Drop' Legras decanter and four glasses, enamelled in gold white and violet, decanter 8.5 inches tall, c1898, price £300 the set.

Legras & Schneider. schneiderset1

Schneider - For Majorelle

Amazing orange Schneider Art deco Liqueur Suite - comprising 6 small glasses, a tiny decanter and small tray - made c 1919 -all are in the published design books, with original label for the important Majorelle shop to the base of the decanter (click on image to see the label). Price £1,250 -the set

Legras & Schneider. schneidersoli

Schneider - berlouze

Stunning Schneider striped soli-fleur c1919, c 7 inches tall, signed with the tricolor Price £295.

Legras & Schneider. schneiderbowl2

Schneider - Jade Bowl

Rare early Schneider 'Jade' turned out finger bowl, pinks and oranges, signed with early amphora signature, just over 4 inches across, c1918 Price £240.

Legras & Schneider. schneidertrio

Schneider - Applied Glass

Stunning and very unusual Schneider decanter and pair of glasses, with applied pie-ball black blobs, decanter is signed -decanter is c7 inches tall, produced c1922, price £525 the set.

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