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24 November 14  L C Tiffany  
 L C Tiffany

L C Tiffany #01

Favrile - Blue Feathered

Very special L C Tifany Favrile feathered blue miniature vase c2 inches tall, c1900, click on image to see underside with original label -minor wear to body. Price 2,400.

L C Tiffany #02

Favrile - Blue on Red

Rare small L C Tiffany favrile blue on red inkwell shaped like a crown chili pepper, nearly 3 inches across, c1900, click on image to see underside, it would probably originally have come with a cork stopper. Price 1,250.

L C Tiffany #03

Favrile - Feathered

Miniature c2 inches tall, L C Tiffany feathered favrile vase, c1900 signed. Price 2,200

L C Tiffany #04

Favrile - Special Order

Rare and strange favrile L C Tiffany, bullet shaped vase, marked to show it was not a usual L C Tiffany production, but instead a 'special order', c1898 making it likely to be unique or one of only a handful made. Around 6 inches tall, signed, price 3,600.

L C Tiffany #05


Single tall L C Tiffany Favrile glass c1900, signed, c 6-7 inches tall Price 480

L C Tiffany #06


Cute pair of miniature L C Tiffany Favrile Shot glasses around 1 1/2 inches tall, signed and both with codes c1899 Price 495 the pair

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