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28 May 16  Harrach  
Harrach #01


We have a large range of fine Harrach glass -see the May 2014 issue of Antique Collectors magazine for our article on Harrach glass.

Harrach #02


Fine Harrach Cameo vase gilded with green over orange , c1898 depicting branches and birds. c 9 inches tall.Price £980

Harrach #03


Stunning pair of Harrach crackle glass and amber vases with hot applied and enamelled lizards c 10 inches tall c1895 -very similar examples are in the Harrach design books, Price £1,650pr

Harrach #04


Dramatic Harrach Cameo vase, opaque white over green - gilded and polychrome decoration , c1898 depicting a classic sunset with flowers and snow c12 inches tall. -picture slightly crooked - Price £2,200

Harrach #05


Unusual and rare Harrach enamelled and metal fitted Pot Purri bowl (with original fitments) Click on image to see it assembled, c 7 inches tall c1890 Price £395

Harrach #06

Four Ball Vase

Classic Harrach iridised clear four ball vase c1900 about 6 inches high Price £150

Harrach #07


Amazing tiny pair of Harrach Cameo vases in dark red on clear/pale blue and gilded, c1898 depicting wild flowers (c3 inches tall). Price £1,100pr

Harrach #08


Stunning tiny Harrach Cameo vase in dark red on orange and gilded, c1898 depicting wild flowers (c3 inches tall). Price £675

Harrach #09

Intaglio Cut

Classic Harrach intaglio cut and gilded vase, c7 inches tall, c1900, gilded, purple to clear, depicting lilies, it has a Harrach shape code to the base, (hard to photograph) Price £625.

Harrach #10


Wonderful Harrach 'Florida' Marquetry vase, 10.5 inches tall, c1900, gilded, green to clear with had carved hot applied applications in red, green and grey, click on image for design page from Harrach showing very similar piece, it has a Harrach shape code to the base, Price £2,400.

Harrach #11


Impressive, around 8 inches tall Harrach Cameo vase in Orange/Pink on clear and gilded, c1898 depicting wild flowers. Price £980

Harrach #12


Spectacular, around 9 inches tall Harrach Cameo vase in blue on clear and gilded, c1898 depicting wild roses. Price £1,250

Harrach #13

Orange & Aventurine

Monumental and amazing Harrach vase in vibrant orange and green aventurine, 14 inches tall, enamelled with flowers c1898. Price £1,800

Harrach #14


Stunning pair (8 inches tall) of Harrach two toned caramel vases with enamel flowers, factory codes to base c1885. Price £625 pair.

Harrach #15


Stunning Harrach vase -newly identified, c1898, made for and signed, A Rub, the leading decorative art retailer of the French Riviera based in Nice - green and cream marbled glass with fine enamelling, about 6 inches high, price £980

Harrach #16

Art Nouveau

Stunning small c4.5 inches high art nouveau enamel vase, c1900 unusually signed Harrach in gold, Price £480

Harrach #17


Stunning iridised Art Nouveau Harrach vase with great gilded orchids around 6 inches tall, c1899, with Harrach shape and design codes to base. Price £750

Harrach #18


Unusual Harrach Jaspis vase by Jan Koula c 1899, raised rococo revival style gilded decoration, around 7 inches tall. Price £750.

Harrach #19


Cute small c 4 inches Harrach oxblood vase - white inside enamelled, c1895 Price £295.

Harrach #20

Hot Applied

Dramatic Harrach Vase - gilded blue swags on grey with chinois cartouches mostly depicting bugs, a massive c8 inches tall, c1900. Price £480.

Harrach #21

Red to Opal White

Fine early, c1885, Harrach Vase - white opal glass partially layered with ruby red glass enamelled with raised gold branches, flowers and bugs, probably designed by Josef Petricek, c7 inches tall. Price £240

Harrach #22


Classic Harrach 'oxblood' variegated vase c8 inches tall, no pontil mark with cold cut top, copying the style of classic French Glass makers Ernest Leveille and Legras c1895. price £240

Harrach #23


Cute small c 3 inches tall Harrach vase enamelled and gilded with a green shrimp c190. Price £250

Harrach #24


Rare Harrach enamel and gilded cut vase signed c1895. Price £360

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